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Truth is by striping away the rights of voicing out from the company side, it pushes and forces any business entity into a very difficult situation that you have to pay a "ransom" in order to release your kidnapped "reputation". This is how we feel and many other merchants. Trustpilot uses its privileged power to manipulate the reviews against business entities who do not subscribe to their services. Today, we firmly express the anger and frustration! Shoplazza is what it is and we stand firmly and determine to offer the best of our services and products to serve our global merchants. Shoplazza is endorsed by its diligent global team, many renounced global investors, and our 340,000 merchants. Not biased and unjust review sites.
luk | | 11/11/2021 | 4 comments
sean on 11/12/2021
Shoplazza is committed to be the platform of choice in the ecommerce sector. Our team is dedicated to serving our merchants and ensure the best services across the globe.
Doreimi on 11/12/2021
Go Shoplazza!
luk on 11/12/2021
you guys rock!
Dylan on 11/12/2021
Well, traffic is king, but as a E-commerce service provider, we still uphold the value to make our merchant can easily use our products.